Brighton Equipment Corporation
(Brighton) represents the consolidation of the Brighton Group of Companies founded by Mr. Kit Kung in 1980.

Brighton's existing management team has been successfully providing computing and communication systems and services in the People's Republic of China since 1981. China is the largest Asian country in terms of geography and population but is still relatively small in terms of market size. Brighton's management pioneered in taking advantage of China's "Open Door" policy, positioning Brighton well for future growth opportunities.

Brighton's businesses has been grouped into five operating units, namely:

Telecom Services Group (TSG) - responsible for establishing telecommunications and information process networks and providing related services, and ChinaComm is the flagship and the holding company of all industry related operating subsidiaries;

Information Technology Group (ITG) - responsible for computer and communication network systems integration, information services through operated and managed networks;

Industrial Automation Group (IAG) - responsible for industrial plant and production automation;

Engineering Services Group (ESG) - responsible for designing and constructing industrial plants, such as steel plants, chemical plants, steel mills, etc;

Industrial Manufacturing Group (IMG) - responsible for large size and heavy duty machine tools and power generating equipment manufacturing.

The Brighton group of companies presently employ over 300 people of which over 60 are professionals with specialized skills. There are 15 employees in Hong Kong and 6 in Paramus, New Jersey, USA, which serve as the technical and financial support bases for the operations in China.

Brighton firmly established itself as a foreign technology and equipment supplier with the widest geographical coverage in the market. Currently, Brighton maintains field offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiyuan, Chongqing and Wuhan. The Far East headquarters located in Hong Kong provides administrative and technical support to the field offices. From these locations, Brighton has positioned itself for future expansion in the surrounding markets of China. Brighton is able to cover all regions in the China by establishing direct field offices.

To implement its expansion plan, Brighton's strategy is to extend successful management skills and business experience from existing operations and apply them to other vertical markets, which Brighton is prepared to enter. The goal is to reach critical mass quickly in both manpower and sales volume. This is being done in conjunction with selected local and international business partners to gain a greater market presence. Market share will be achieved by transferring new technology and specific skills among various Brighton group of operating companies.Brighton has been concentrating its resources in the development of the Internet related telecommunication services business opportunities in the Chinese market since late 1990's.